Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 2

Today my DH was home and he let me sleep in! I did not get up until around 10:00 which I really needed. I was a little nauseous but after I took my pills and ate some breakfast I began to feel better. My stomach turned a little later in the afternoon as well but I ate a bagel and it stopped. I have been really tired today. Like I'm dragging a little and I have been a little more emotional than usual (crying and getting angry)! But other than that it has been a good day.

The Nurse called from the clinic to check on me in the morning and the Dr. called later that afternoon. I also had calls from friends checking up on me and I felt a lot of love and support from them and family.

I talked to my DH about the fertility clinic. We were told before that there would be no way we could have children and that we should get my tubes tied - we did not - and I'm glad because Johns Hopkins said that was not true. But during those 6 months we had talked about adopting and we both felt really good about that. We have 3 children but really feel we have one more coming to our home. I don't care how he gets here so we decided that instead of spending the money on harvesting eggs now, storing them for years, and then maybe getting those eggs to be a baby later...we would rather spend that money adopting. There are babies out there that need a home and I have already given birth (beautiful births and wonderful pregnancies) 3 times. And we can try after chemo and if it works good and if not we can adopt! No worries now!


Ali Gator said...

My daughter is adopted and my nephew recently adopted a little girl and my sister-in-law has two adopted little girls. Adoption rules!

Meiru said...

Hi! I chanced upon your blog and I'm inspired by your optimism and courage. I hope you're doing great since your last post.

I removed a 9cm desmoid tumour from my chest wall, along with my right collarbone, part of my 1st-3rd ribs, 2 veins and part of the subscapularis muscle on Jan 4th 2010. I underwent 30 days of advanced radiotherapy in mid April. The last two MRI scans showed no recurrence thankfully.

The diagnosis coincided with my pregnancy, I gave birth to my son in July 2009. My oncologists said the hormonal changes during pregnancy probably triggered the aggressive growth of this rare tumour. However, this condition is extremely rare in my country so they can't tell me much too.

Did you have subsequent pregnancies after your diagnosis? I was devastated when my oncologist and gynaecologist discouraged me from trying for a baby again. Do you happen to know more about the possibilities?
Please mail me at if you do.

I'll pray that we'll both be healthy for the rest of our lives! *hugs*