Monday, July 7, 2008

Port Placement

Right after - looking like an Oompaloopa (all orange from the iodine stuff) and looking tired!

I had a port placed on the 3rd of July and that went well! I am having some pain but my plethora of pain killers takes care of most of it! It looks really bad though: it is really bruised.

I was a little nervous for the port placement surgery. The only surgery I have ever had was my tumor resection - huge, lone, massive, and debilitating - so I did not have a fair picture to relate to!

Day 2! Looks good, feels sore.

The surgery was very easy. The anesthesia was not as deep (if that is how you say that). It put me to sleep but not like the last time where it took me 3 hours before I remembered how to breath on my own. I remember everything until the IV was given and I remember waking up. They say not to lift over 20 lbs for 3 weeks, but of course I could only go 2 days without lifting the baby so I hope I did not move or shift tubing.

The site is tender and looks a little alarming. The port is a bump a few inches below my collar bone and you can see/feel the tube that comes from it, up to the collar bone and then disappears. My husband is not very fond of it but he will have to get use to it because it will be there for a long while!!

They put a double port in. It has two circles on the front but they go to the same catheter and tube. The doctor said that way they can give and take at the same time, It is a little bigger than the ones in pictures I saw but even then it is only about 1 x 0.5 inches.

Day 4. The bruising drained. I taped a gauze over the entire thing last night so my PJ's would not rub but the tape tore my skin when I took it off - making it so much worse!

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